Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Mcule KNIME nodes have arrived to boost your drug discovery workflows!

We are happy to announce that millions of in-stock and synthesizable compounds are now available through the new Mcule KNIME nodes:

  • Mcule searches KNIME node: aggregated space of 46 million purchasable structures, screening compounds, and building blocks;

  • Mcule ULTIMATE searches KNIME node: 126 million novel, virtual molecules that we strictly filtered and selected by our high end ULTIMATE technology.

KNIME’s public platform is an excellent tool to build strong, customized workflows for your research projects and now you could integrate Mcule nodes into your data mining process to quickly gather real-time purchasable compound data directly from our up-to-date database.

You can query molecules using SMILES, InChI, InChIKey, Mcule ID and many other formats and can explore new possibilities by fetching several data (price, delivery time, purity, availability and amount) of the compounds available at Mcule.

Are you a KNIME user? Request an API token via email after a free user registration on mcule.com/accounts/signup/, and start using our new functions today! 

If you are not a KNIME user yet, but still want to access the Mcule database, we would be happy to show you around on our web platform, or provide you with API access so you can integrate our database and tools into any system that you are currently using.  


Please feel free to reach out with any IT-related questions to support@mcule.com, or with any general inquiries to info@mcule.com!

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