Monday, June 12, 2017

New opportunities for academic research scientists

       As an online drug discovery platform, we have been helping pharmaceutical companies in the early phase of research processes. Although our compound sourcing solution and advanced computational tools have been continuously found helpful in the pharmaceutical industry, we are convinced that our capabilities could also be advantageous for academic research scientists.

       Mcule is the largest chemical webshop with more than 35 M compounds. In addition our platform contains multiple computational tools for searching and virtual screening, e.g. large-scale docking, scaffold hopping, diversity selection and property calculator. We intended to make our services easily available to use in academic research projects. We therefore introduced a subscription plan for academic researchers to get access to our advanced tools and higher limits for a reasonable price, even for short-term (1,3,6-month) projects.

     Moreover, with the help of our online price optimization algorithm one can easily finalize the virtual screening procedure by ordering the selected compounds. The best price and the fastest delivery time quotes are automatically calculated, and it is up to you which one you select. After generating a quote an effective price of products and suppliers will be displayed which could ease on your budget by removing the largest contributions to the price.

Get more information about the special pricing for academic users here,

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ultimate Database Project

  Have you ever dreamt about the possibility to have access to the vast majority of molecules being relevant in the pharmaceutical industry?  Now it is finally becoming real. Mcule has introduced the idea of a super-sized chemical library and announced the start of the so-called ULTIMATE DATABASE PROJECT.

  Our aim is to create a database of 500 million compounds, which would include completely novel molecules predicted to be synthesizable but not yet synthesized. Compounds should meet the following standards to be considered in the Ultimate database: minimum of 80% success rate of synthesis, maximum of 6-week delivery time and fixed prices.

  A database of this size has yet to be made applicable for everyday use, and its integration with computational tools has always been a very challenging task due to the high demands of IT infrastructure to handle such a large size. However, using the online interface in our website one can easily access the full database, filter among the compounds, generate a quote, and complete the order. Thus, it has never been easier to identify more hits, eventually leading to reduced time and costs needed to be invested into the discovery of a new drug candidate.
By ourselves we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals, therefore we seek supplier and custom molecular synthesis partners who would like to contribute to this great cause.

As for suppliers, our subscription form can be found here
For users, registration for an early access is available here.
Please see our website for more information, https://mcule.com/ultimate-project/.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Needles in the haystack

Here is a short post on a recently published article discussing our Ultimate database project that is just about to launch (article is in Hungarian):

 Link to the article

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mcule - the largest chemical webshop

Mcule, as considered to be an excellent solution for problems arising from the complexity of a drug discovery process is now even more dedicated to help your company achieve greatness. 

Having already contributed to research projects by providing essential services to pharmaceutical companies, it became very clear that the possibilities had still not been entirely utilized. Our services have long included molecular modelling tools, database of millions of compounds and covered all the subsequent duties that might come up during compound orders. Beyond that, it is all completely online, and easily accessible through our website:  https://mcule.com/.

Now one could think that with a long-awaited solution being so complex in hand what else is left to be done?

As long as the success rate of drug research is stuck at its current value, there is always going to be space for improvement. 

We proudly present that our database now contains around 36 million unique compounds,
approximately 5 times of the size of the second largest database considering chemical webshops.

Using a database of this size could be advantageous for several reasons. Upon the increase of the number of hit molecules your chance ending up with a potentially drug candidate is also growing. Moreover it is less likely for you to be working on the same exact scaffold another company has already put some effort into.

Thanks to the many supplier catalogs we have managed to integrate into our system, a broad range of molecules are now available benefiting the always cumbersome initialization step of a drug discovery project. By just a few clicks, you can place an order for thousands of unique molecules with the optimized price or delivery time calculated.

Around 6 million compounds are pre-synthesized, hence are available in-stock.
The rest, 30 million molecules can be synthesized in one or two steps. For instance for a 6-week delivery deadline we operate with a success rate of 80%.

Please feel free to make use of our extended database, which you can find in our website:

Start your drug discovery campaign with our help, and make the first steps much simpler!