Monday, June 12, 2017

New opportunities for academic research scientists

       As an online drug discovery platform, we have been helping pharmaceutical companies in the early phase of research processes. Although our compound sourcing solution and advanced computational tools have been continuously found helpful in the pharmaceutical industry, we are convinced that our capabilities could also be advantageous for academic research scientists.

       Mcule is the largest chemical webshop with more than 35 M compounds. In addition our platform contains multiple computational tools for searching and virtual screening, e.g. large-scale docking, scaffold hopping, diversity selection and property calculator. We intended to make our services easily available to use in academic research projects. We therefore introduced a subscription plan for academic researchers to get access to our advanced tools and higher limits for a reasonable price, even for short-term (1,3,6-month) projects.

     Moreover, with the help of our online price optimization algorithm one can easily finalize the virtual screening procedure by ordering the selected compounds. The best price and the fastest delivery time quotes are automatically calculated, and it is up to you which one you select. After generating a quote an effective price of products and suppliers will be displayed which could ease on your budget by removing the largest contributions to the price.

Get more information about the special pricing for academic users here,

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