Wednesday, July 1, 2020

ULTIMATE database is now accessible through Pharmit!

Mcule’s new ULTIMATE database has been recently made available on Pharmit’s virtual screening platform. Scientists can now utilize this excellent synergy to use the platform for carrying out structure-based pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening. With 122 million novel compounds, ULTIMATE is an excellent database to search when scaffold hopping, navigating out of patented space, or identifying new chemotypes.

“We are very happy that Pharmit has integrated ULTIMATE, and hope that the whole scientific community will benefit from this integration” - Robert Kiss, CEO of Mcule

“ULTIMATE is an excellent complement to our platform, Pharmit users will surely find it useful for their projects” - David Koes, Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh

About Mcule:
Mcule is a chemical marketplace for drug discovery with services based around small-molecule compound sourcing. While the traditional Mcule database aggregates chemical suppliers to cover the “in stock” chemical space, ULTIMATE contains 122 million novel compounds that can be delivered with an 80% success rate in 2-6 weeks and have fixed prices. The company also provides solutions for sample preparation, solubility inspection, and independent QC analysis.

About Pharmit:
Pharmit provides an online, interactive environment for the virtual screening of large compound databases using pharmacophores, molecular shape, and energy minimization. It enables users to search for small molecules based on their structural and chemical similarity to another small molecule, with the goal of identifying those that bind to a target molecule (typically a protein receptor or enzyme).

Please visit the Pharmit and ULTIMATE website for more information:

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