Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February Features

Here's the roundup of our latest features from the month of February.

Find chemicals more easily in our database
We've added the ability to search for multiple structures in our curated database. This feature is especially useful if you've saved one of your collections (or our whole database) for in-house processing and you would like to use our procurement services to easily purchase your results.

Additionally, the Find Chemicals feature is now available without first signing in, if you would just like to quickly check for a molecule.

Download everything from one place

If for whatever reason you would rather use your in-house screening tools, you can still get all the benefits of our curated database. The contents of our complete database are available in a single SDF file from a memorable address. You can freely download it, work with it locally and come back to our Find (Multiple) Chemicals page to buy your best hits.

Creating collections by drawing

We mentioned this feature in our previous post but it is worth repeating here: we've expanded the New Collection button with the ability to directly upload your SDF file or start off the created collection by drawing in a molecule first. 

New tutorial videos

Do you want to know more about how our Find Chemicals, ChemAxon properties, 1-Click Scaffold Hop, 1-Click Docking and FTrees features work? We've prepared short, 5-10 minute videos that walk you through the whole process.

Revised quote form

We've moved around some fields, now ask for only the necessary information, but also added a field where you can enter a promo code. Incidentally, we are running a promotion until the 31st of March: if you enter mcule1storder when requesting a quote, you will get 15% off from your order — large or small — on mcule.com!

Easier 'search on this collection' action

On every collection you can now find a 'Search' button that sets up a new Workflow with your collection set as the input. This makes it easy, for example, to continue refining the results of a previous workflow.

Small tidbits
  • Made possible to download docking poses just like in 1-click docking since the download pdb option in the glmol viewer basically only works in chrome
  • Can't use a 'running' collection as input
  • We now send email about quote being processed (for registered users)
  • When there are so many collections that it requires scrolling when adding a molecule to a collection, if a new collection is created, the list now scrolls to the bottom.

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