Friday, November 16, 2012

About this StartupSauna thing...

Mcule has been selected as one of the most promising startups from Northern Europe, Baltics and Russia, as a result we are now in StartupSauna in Helsinki, Finland for a one month training. We have been through a lot, improved our presentation skills and got very useful feedback about our business model, products, etc. Here is a nice video showing a little bit of the essence of the whole thing:

Two more weeks are still to go, and we are very excited about it. Of course we keep working on mcule (we are right after a very reasonable release), but this period is very important for us in terms of how we should build our business, marketing strategies, etc. So this is a great atmosphere here in Helsinki that accelerates the transformation of "ideas" into viable companies. It would be great to have more of such incubators for startup companies.

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