Wednesday, July 18, 2012

mcule webinar

We will soon hold a webinar introducing the most important features of mcule.com. It will give an overview of the functionalities and we will show how to use them for special use cases. You will be able to ask questions by chatting during and after the presentation. If you have a special topic you would like to be covered on this webinar, please let us know: info@mcule.com.

You can register for the webinar, by clicking on one of the following links (please select the one with the more convenient time for your time zone):

25th of July 2012, 10:00AM (London, UK), 11:00AM (Berlin, Germany), 5:00PM (Beijing, China) and 6:00PM (Tokyo, Japan)

25th of July 2012, 11:00AM (West Coast, USA) and 2:00PM (East Coast, USA)

We hope to meet you on the webinar!

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