Thursday, November 17, 2011

mcule at GCC

We just returned from the 2011 GCC conference which was held in Goslar, Germany. The atmosphere and all the talks, discussions were very inspiring, many thanks to the Organizers! Now we are back at the mcule HQ with lots of new ideas!

mcule poster

We are now (even more than before) assured that mcule is going to be a useful service for all those interested in doing rational drug discovery. It was great to see that several people have already heard about the things we are working on. We had discussions with modeling software developers about integration of their tools into mcule and also with molecule vendors about making their compounds available in the mcule vendor database.

GCC was also a great opportunity to meet our potential users and we got very useful feedback about their needs, which we'll take into account during development.

BTW, we are working hard to make the first release available for testing this year to those giving their email address on the launch page. So keep checking your inbox!

You may take a closer look at the poster here:

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